Carpet cutting

We can cut any type of floor covering material, from carpet to vinyl. Our state-of-the-art CNC automated cutting table can optimize the production of carpets for all type of aircrafts.

Our CNC will reduce your production costs by minimizing carpet loss and increase the quality of your final product with its premium quality finishing.

We can precision cut nearly any fabric with this technology: leather, fabric, felt, plastic and many others.

We guarantee the most streamlined and professional installation in the industry.

Template and mapping

We can hand cut as per templates or from measure, any type of floor covering material, from carpet to vinyl. We can also provide a mapping service in the Montreal area for a reasonable price.


At Luxia Innovation, 23 years of experience allows us to understand the needs of our customers and therefore offering a quality service at the best possible price. Your ideas are carefully integrated by our professional team. We utilize our experience, creativity and passion for luxury carpets to transform your concepts into masterpieces. We take careful steps to ensure the final product meets or exceeds your greatest expectations. At Luxia, we ensure each finished carpet is nothing less than perfection.

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