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About us


Luxia Innovation Ltd is a Canadian corporation specialized in carpet and other floor covering solutions.

Our facility, located in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec, has a CNC cutting table to process the materials with an exceptional precision for all desired configurations. This enables us to fulfill any customer requirements for floor covering products with accuracy and quality.

For more than 23 years, we have been working in the aeronautic field, offering a selection of exceptional products including cabin carpets, maintenance runners, cockpit cabin carpets, anti-slip steps, other finishing cabin products and floor coverings. 

Our highly experienced staff can answer all your demands regarding complex cutting designs and highly specialized finishing and configurations. With personal and exceptional service, we offer premium finishing solutions guaranteed to be unique and exclusive.

Our sense of commitment and creativity distinguish us from our competitors. Innovation, elegance and commitment are the three fundamental values of Luxia Innovation Ltd. 

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Our products

  • Cut to measure carpet

  • Throw rugs

  • Maintenance runner

  • Main cabin carpet

  • Jeppesen box

  • Cockpit carpet

  • Baggage bay carpet

  • Quiet cabin material

  • Quiet insulated monument pads

  • Airstairs



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